Benefits of Using RIO

Reduced Costs

Costs of admin staff, IT and consumables for payroll becomes less.

SARS Compatible

We utilize a reliable payroll system that is totally compatible with SARS in terms of audits and reports.

Hassle Free

This process saves time and helps staff to concentrate on the core business by allowing RIO to do their payroll.

Data Security

No risk of sensitive payroll data being leaked within your organization.

Annual SARS Recon

The system we utilize allows for easy Reconciliation of all records for year-end submittal to SARS.


Our focus is payroll and we continually update our system to meet the requirements of our clients and SARS.

Third Party Payments

We maintain, and if required, all third-party payments to medical, provident, and pension funds.


Rest assure that your payroll complies to the latest statutory requirements.

Customize Reports

Rio customizes reports to suite our clients,

Peace of Mind

RIO provides reliable cost-effective services irrespective of the complexity of your requirements. We ensure you get what you need and want.