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Our core focus is to make recruiting successful and enjoyable. We want you to be proud of the team we’ve built together and the talent strategy we’ve put in place to help your company grow.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring to life the vision of our clients by using exceptional recruiting principles that are refreshingly creative and functional. We strive to enhance the quality of life and living.

Vision Statement

To be known for our enduring set of values whilst we have the freedom to deliver true value add without compromising resource quality.

Core Values

To be respected by others for our integrity, professionalism and sustainability.


About Rio Draughting Labour Solutions

We set out to create an environment where we empower our clients by providing accurate job market insight, leveraging unique recruiting resources and pairing employers with highly experienced, dedicated recruitment experts.

As recruiters we specialize in being able to analyze an employer’s recruiting options and relentlessly make the necessary improvements to make companies more competitive by putting the right employees in the right places.  Our Team aim to provide an environment that utilize the latest digital technologies to find candidates yet never lose their personalized touch.  We also set out to give our clients an edge by significantly expanding their exposure to job seekers who will make a difference.

We are working hard to construct a candidate network that is vast in numbers and dense in talent. RIO Draughting Labour Solutions strive to provide significant ROI (return on investment) on each hire. We want you to be proud of the team we’ve built together and the talent strategy we’ve put in place to help your company grow.  Our aim is to source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. Hire with confidence.

We live up to our Long-Standing Reputation for Service Excellence. 

Our Advantages

Our company has been in operation since 1976,  we strongly believes in our staff our mission and our business. We aims to set the bar high within the recruiting industry by exceeding industry standards, providing innovative business practices and by delivering the most in-demand leaders to propel businesses forward.


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