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  1. Should you employ within your own company, associates or subsidiary companies, an applicant introduced by Rio Draughting Labour Solutions within a period of 12 months from date of introduction, our full fee will be immediately due.
  2. If an employee introduced by Rio Draughting Labour Solutions leaves your employment within the guaranteed period – provided you qualify for guarantee – we will replace the candidate free of charge


When a member of Rio Draughting Labour Solutions (“TEMP”) team is offered a permanent position, our full permanent fee becomes payable – in addition to temporary fees.

These fees are subject to the following circumstances

  1. When “TEMP” is employed in a permanent position in your company whilst currently employed as a demo introduced by us.
  2. When a “TEMP” is re-employed within 12 months of leaving you.
  3. Should a “TEMP” be re-employed in a temporary position in your capacity within 6 months, additional temporary fees become payable.

Rio Draughting Labour Solutions undertakes to thoroughly interview and reference check (if requested) all applicants with regard to their capabilities. However, we do not warrant their ability, competence or honesty and stress that the final selection remains the sole discretion of the client.

Rio Draughting Labour Solutions reserves the right to alter adept or change any aspect of their fee structure without prior notice.


Rio Draughting Labour Solutions may use any personal data collected on this website for recruitment purposes only.

Registering your CV and/or receipt and acknowledgement of and kind by Rio Draughting Labour Solutions of such CV, shall not be an indication that your application will be successful and/or lead to employment.

Rio Draughting Labour Solutions shall not be liable whatsoever arising from your use of this website or any interface linked to it.

If any information is deemed to not be true, should your application not be successful, this may constitute grounds for the termination of your contract.